Why I Have a Love Affair With L-Glutamine...

Glutamine is synonymous with bodybuilding (studies show that Glutamine maintains protein synthesis so you can continue to build strength and muscles after a workout), but did you know it’s useful for so much more than just muscle recovery? L-Glutamine helped me to heal my leaky gut, strengthen my digestive system, boost energy, improve my immune function, curb cravings and recover faster. It has also helped my husband and countless clients heal their digestive system, have better bowel movements and control their IBS symptoms.

What is Glutamine?

Glutamine is the most abundant non-essential amino acid on our bodies. It plays crucial roles in various metabolic processes within our body, including: energy metabolism, synthesis of peptides and neurotransmitters, contributes to detoxification and is involved in the immune system. It has been considered essential during catabolic states such as trauma, and has been considered "conditionally essential" during illness.

Glutamine is available in abundance from the foods we eat, but often most people still don’t get enough to really stimulate deep repair of the intestinal lining. The more energy you put out, the more wrecked your digestive system is and the more time you’ve allowed to pass eating processed foods, the more likely you’re deficient in glutamine.

My journey with this supplement has been surprising. I never really expected it to work, but it did! The science behind why glutamine works to help repair the digestive tract is very interesting.

How Glutamine Repaired my Gut

Basically glutamine works in the gut by protecting against mucosal breakdown. Now imagine this environment: you have stomach acid that is so strong it could burn through carpet, then a little ways down the road in your intestines, a more alkaline, lubricated environment is necessary because otherwise evacuating our bowels would be be quite painful. When things get really out of whack in the gut, the important mucosal lining can start to lose its tenure (otherwise known as Leaky Gut - learn more about Leaky Gut in this video). Glutamine helps it stay strong and protect us against the potential for a leak to spring. Our intestines actually use 30% of the total glutamine in our body, which indicates it is a key nutrient for our intestines.

The second way glutamine helped me is it’s amazing ability to diminish cravings for sugar and carbohydrates. Glutamine becomes a quick energy boost for our brains (which is where those cravings are coming from). It signals the body that the need has been met and the craving dissipates. Because let’s face it, it’s not our bodies that want that jelly filled donut, it’s our addicted brains!

Paired with a change in diet, probiotics and plenty of stress reduction, l-glutamine has really helped me repair my gut and experience genuine, long lasting health, and it can help you too! If you are ready for a total gut transformation, check out my 8 week program "Learn to Love Your Gut!"

Want to try out glutamine for yourself? Sign up for a free Fullscript account and get access to hundreds of medical grade supplements at wholesale pricing that you can't buy in store. And as always, reach out to me if you have any questions.

To your health and happiness,

Nicole Ritter

P.S. Want to learn more about L-Glutamine? Check out this study: "The Roles of Glutamine in the Intestine and Its Implication in Intestinal Diseases"

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