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Launches February 2021

Image by Brooke Cagle
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  • A Period That Doesn't Drive You Crazy

  • More Energy

  • Better Sleep

  • Clear, Glowing Skin

  • A Stronger Immune System and Gut

  • Healthy Bowel Movements

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This program combines my years of research, education and personal experience with gut health, hormones, detoxification and overall health. 


Hormonal balance should be a priority for all of us, yet it seems so incredibly complicated. I made this program to make hormonal harmony achievable for everyone so that you can enjoy your life without hormone issues, gut problems or exhaustion.


It's time you take your hormone's into your own hands and create hormonal harmony in your own life. 

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Module 1: Root Cause of Hormonal Imbalances

Module 2: Functional Lab Testing for Hormonal Imbalances

Module 3: Eating for Hormonal Harmony

Module 4: The Gut Hormone Connection

Module 5: Blood Sugar Balance

Module 6: Adrenals, Stress and Self Care

Module 7: Thyroid Health

Module 8: Liver Health and Detoxification

Module 9: Low Libido and Boosting Sex Drive

Module 10: Decoding Your Menstrual Cycle

Module 11: Perimenopause and Menopause

Module 12: Skin Hormone Connection

Extras: Hormonal Harmony Meal (both Vegetarian and Omnivore), Thyroid Boosting Foods, Seed Cycling for Hormone Balance, DIY Cleaning and Beauty Recipes for Healthy Hormones, Foods for Insomnia