Functional lab testing is an integral part of my practice. These tests help me understand the underlying cause of dysfunction within your body so that I can come up with a customized plan specifically tailored to you and only you.

These functional tests are most likely not administered by your allopathic medicine doctor and often dive deeper and give more information than their traditional test counterparts. Investing in these eye-opening tests saves you time and money in the long run. Like it says at the top of the page, test, don't guess!
 There is nothing more empowering than taking control of your health and understanding the physiology of your body and what is causing dysfunction. 

Functional lab testing is perfect if you:


  • Have been doing “all the right things” and eating the “right” foods, but STILL have symptoms and do not feel well.


  • Have had your doctor tell you all your labs are normal, but you do not feel good.


  • Have already had some testing/blood work but are not satisfied and desire an alternative, more in-depth look coupled with a drug-less protocol for healing.


  • Simply want a more natural, holistic AND science-based approach to address your symptoms and health concerns.

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Tests I Work With:

GI Stool MAP


The last few decades have brought about great advances in the understanding of the gut microbiome and our health.

The Complete Microbiome Mapping test provides a comprehensive overview of the gut ecology with a simple single stool sample done at home (don’t worry, you get all the instructions you need, plus gloves!) The GI Map tests for parasites, bacterial imbalances (pathogenic as well as opportunistic), levels of beneficial flora, the presence of yeast overgrowth and several other important intestinal health markers including inflammation and zonulin (a marker for leaky gut).

If you have ever been diagnosed with IBS and/or your gut is irritable no matter what you do, this test is a must. It is also known that many people are living with some type of gut infection and may not even realize it. They think their symptoms are “normal” or do not equate them with a gut imbalance. Issues like skin breakouts, headaches, brain fog, depression, anxiety, fatigue and muscle soreness can all be from pathogenic gut infections. This test will shed light on what is really going on.

DUTCH Complete


The Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones (DUTCH) is the gold standard for a complete look at your hormones. The DUTCH shows us so much more than blood or saliva testing does! This test shows free hormone levels (what is unbound and available) as well as how much is being made in the body and metabolite levels (where its going).

The DUTCH test shows our HPA axis (stress, adrenal fatigue) markers for DHEA, DHEA-S, free cortisol, metabolized cortisol, as well as sex hormones including progesterone, estrogens, estrogen clearance pathways, and testosterone. This test will also show our melatonin levels and how our circadian rhythm may be affected. It also includes 6 organic acid markers: HVA (dopamine), VMA (epinephrine), kynurenate (B6), MMA (B12),  pyroglutamate (glutathione) and 8-OHdG (oxidative damage).

The DUTCH is an easy to collect urine test done at home! This is a GREAT test for anyone who feels they have a hormone imbalance or is fatigued and stressed out.

MRT Food Sensitivity Testing


This food sensitivity testing looks at mediator release response in the body… showing any inflammation happening due to ingesting a particular food.  MRT is a functional measurement of diet-induced sensitivity pathways. MRT simplifies an overly complex reaction and translates that into the most useable clinical information you can get – quantifying the inflammatory response to foods and food-chemicals.

Not only does MRT give insight into inflammation provoking foods and food-chemicals, but more importantly MRT identifies your BEST foods. And unlike other food sensitivity tests, you do not have to have been exposed to a food in recent weeks for this test to be effective! The best food sensitivity test on the market!

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