In this 4-Day Toxin Free Bootcamp, my goal is to purge your body of toxins. You’ll do so by filling your diet with nutritious, seasonal foods. As a result, you’ll feel more alive and energetic than you’ve ever felt, sleep better and melt away stubborn pounds.

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  • Learning how to understand your body

  • Controlling your PCOS, instead of letting it control you

  • Figuring out the root cause of your PCOS instead of chasing symptoms

  • Clearer, glowing skin

  • Easier weight loss

  • Less mood swings

  • Feeling Energized and Motivated

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This is a comprehensive program that covers 7 modules about factors that influence PCOS and dozens of other resources that will empower you to take PCOS’s symptoms head on with confidence.


Module 1How To Eat with PCOS

Module 2: Your PCOS Type

Module 3:  PCOS & Sugar

Module 4: PCOS & Your Gut

Module 5PCOS & Stress

Module 6: PCOS & Toxins

Module 7: ​PCOS & Your Period

Extras: PCOS Supplements Guide, PCOS friendly recipes, Food and Mood Journal, PCOS self assessment quiz so you can figure out which PCOS type you have, Detoxing from Hormonal Birth Control Guide, PCOS and Hirsutism Guide, Accountability Guide for each module to hold you accountable and set you up for success and more!